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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Specializing in Better Relationships and Better Living

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional                                                                             Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional


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Individual Counseling

"Julie is a gifted therapist that will bring hope and healing into your life.

If you have been in therapy before, you will recognize her as one of those

rare finds. If you are thinking about therapy for the first time, you could not

be in better hands. I highly recommend her."
- Stephanie

"Julie has been a part of my life for a number of years. She has the gift to

listen and understand how and what your are feeling. She teaches you the

tools to understand and helps you to overcome the obstacles that are blocking

you from being all you can be. She is an angel send from heaven!"
- Caitlin

"I was in my second trimester of my first pregnancy, in desperate need for some

direction. I needed someone to trust with my secrets and I wanted to get help for

my anger. I walked into the center and met Julie and she just so happened to be

walking from one room to the next while overhearing my urgent request to see a

counselor that day. She immediately chimed in and said, 'I can take you right now." That was 3 years ago and that day marked the beginning of a serious transformation for me. Julie listened to my story and I felt safe in her company. She set the stage for me to become aware of my feelings to the healing could take place. I highly recommend her services for anyone who needs a comforting soul to confide in and get guidance from."
 - Kelly

" I have known Julie as a dedicated and compassionate counselor for several years. She is always willing to help and is more supportive than any other therapist I have ever met with. I trust her and I know that she is someone I can always count on for help. Her dedication and thoughtful manner make her an excellent therapist!"
- Dirk

"Sometimes we just need a voice of reason to help make those small course corrections that make the world of difference in daily life. Thank you, Julie!"
- Gabriel

"To all those that want to get better and be the best you that you can be. I started seeing Julie about five years ago on a once a week basis.  LOVED her right away and felt so safe and comfortable I started telling her everything she is one therapist that really and truly cares about you and your well being. She has made such a difference in me and my life! The biggest way is that she helped me love myself and believe in me and that I do count for something in life. If you want to get better and have a better life go see Mrs.Wells because she is a great therapist and you will see a difference in yourself and your life. I LOVE YOU JULIE AND THANK YOU for the difference you made in me!!!"
- Stephanie

"It's so difficult for me to put into words how amazing and and vital to my life Julie has been. She was my constant support through the hardest part of my life - my divorce. My (now ex) husband and I went to see her together and I saw her by myself as well. After the divorce, I continued to go to her weekly. Those hours were spent crying, laughing, and recovering from the situation I was put in.
Julie is so easy to talk to, you wouldn't think you're in a therapy session. It's like talking to a friend. I trusted her from the beginning and was right to do so. She knows all the right questions to ask and how to guide your thoughts through what you are struggling with. She checked in with me on my bad days and celebrated my great days! I could never have had such a successful emotional and mental recovery from what happened if it hadn't been for her.
Julie, you have the biggest heart and I'm so lucky I found you to guide me through the dark days back into a happier life!"

- Lauren

"Julie has been wonderful! I recommend her to anyone!"

Couples Counseling
"Julie has been extremely instrumental in giving me and my girlfriend advice and direction in our relationship. She has given us the tools to communicate effectively, which have been the glue that has kept us together. Thanks Julie!"
- Dexter

Family Counseling
"Julie is kind, caring and insightful. Her therapy has empowered our daughter to make positive decisions, improve her relationships and feel so much better about herself."
- Nicole

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